What Manner of Fairy Tale is This?

Something strikes me as odd when I look at Love today.  There are too many pitfalls, girls fall for guys that couldn’t care less about them, and get an odd vibe from those who adore them.  How did we get like this?  How does anyone expect to be happy if they do not leave a light burning into the night for their prince or princess?  I feel as though the odds of a love story are dwindling… but even against all odds I will never blow the candle out.  That’s what makes us human, no? 🙂


What Manner of Fairy Tale is This?


As children, our parents protect us from danger

Passion is all too often mistaken for aggression

Love for something that creeps into our bed at nights

And threatens our innocence

Our parents warn us of strangers

And we live in fear of what lurks beneath our beds


As we grow, we feel these childish fears have left us

But they have done something far worse.

They have become us

So the impassioned prince with gifts of flowers

Is checked for a dagger, which he surely hides

And when none is found, a threat deeper still suspected

Love and roses are thrown out into the rain


So passion is destroyed or forgotten

And we wonder why fairy tale princesses have their hearts crushed

When prince charming is outbid for the ball by the White Knight

He sets off no alarms, for he has no passion for her or what she offers

So why are we surprised when he leaves her broken as he rides away?


And her true prince still waits out in the rain, with flowers all but dead

As the news of an heir to the throne spreads the land

And all feign happiness, even the White Knight returns

They all hide the soullessness of what they have sown, now reaped

The dispassionate love, the child born of banality


And as the final flower dies he steals away to her window one last time

“What manner of fairly tale is this, my princess?

  I do not recognize my own Love crying now.

  This is not why we have come at all, do you not remember?

  But for Love.  Remember that, and all this is but a dream.”


Startled, she awoke.


~ by songoflove on March 31, 2009.

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