My Perfection- The Floor Model

It’s as if God said- “let me show you perfection

Display all you would ever want in a partner”


Eyes in which you could lose yourself forever

A smile that could pierce any darkness

A dreamer’s soul

Drive unlike any other

A laugh used frequently like a siren’s song

A slight obsession, with a Lover’s heart

just enough so you never doubt where you stand

Oh, and of course, just the right height 😉


So he turns to the rest of creation

while describing these and many other traits


He says “Now that you have seen all the traits

I have blessed all women on this planet with

In various combinations and measures

Go and find the match that works best for-“


“HEY!” He exclaims

as God looks back, I’m running off with the floor model 😀

“I always Love it when they figure that one out.” He smiles.


~ by songoflove on March 31, 2009.

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