On “A nation cannot be both ignorant and free”

Ignorance and knowledge circle each other, like many things they are locked in a cosmic dance.  With a perfect master, one needn’t know anything to be free, because all is provided free of charge.  However human nature forces us to ask: How do we know we are free?  How do we know our master is perfect, and not lying?  How do we know this existence is freedom, and not bondage?


So our master lets us wander, and out we go, seeking knowledge.  Truly we begin to see everything our master sees.  There is pain where there was once only joy, there is death where there was once only life.  Upon losing our ignorance and innocence, we return once again seeking joy, but the way is convoluted.  The real question is: who made it so?  Is the desire to know all the same desire which makes the return to peace so difficult?  Our master never meant for any of what we see today, only love.  And the way back is simple, but everyone feels there is a price to pay for the knowledge we’ve gained. 


Eventually the tree of knowledge is replaced by a second tree of life.  Once again, who does this?  I dare say that the greatest gift our master can receive is the same He first gave us: choice.  By returning to the master, thankful for the journey he allowed us to take, but ready to rejoin him in perfection, we smile together.   Is perfection enhanced by pain?  Is freedom enhanced by knowledge of bondage?  In the master’s eyes, most assuredly not, but He loves us enough to let us find out for ourselves.


~ by songoflove on March 30, 2009.

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