Introduction and purpose

Starry-eyed dreamer.

Electrifier of minds.

Reborn and renewed.


I am quite drawn to the poetic, if you can’t already tell. 🙂  I definitely over think things.  I Love God; I Love Love. I joyfully seek out the nature of both through means such as physics, psychology, philosophy, entertainment, and any other topic that lends itself to comparison.  I often seek to draw out similarities in areas commonly considered unrelated.  I feel there is a truth and wisdom to be gained in the cases where the perceived differences of competing fields and philosophies align.  I hope my entries provide you with new and inspiring topics to consider and discuss, and the pursuit itself fills you with joy.


I believe we all started existence with a burning question to be answered.  Through distraction, most of us ignore this pursuit, and drive the thought from our consciousnesses; but we cannot forget it.  I hear souls crying out, with ever increasing frequency and intensity. Recently my soul became deafening, and it now bellows with such force that I must allow it to escape the security of my mind and bare its song to the ears of the world.  I now dedicate myself wholly to piecing together my greatest puzzle.  Won’t you join me?


I don’t know your answer.  I don’t know your question.  My main purpose is to remind you of this question, then inspire and compel you to ponder and pursue both question and answer.





~ by songoflove on March 30, 2009.

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