Everything cries out for a love story- Physics

Up until very recently, physicists thought our universe to be fairly static

But behind the curtain of the normal lies a fireworks display of unimaginable proportions

In our universe energy is being created and destroyed everywhere and always

Matter is but chained energy, so in many senses, we are beings of pure energy


The manner in which energy is formed dictates a poetic parallel to the idea of soul mates

Particles are simultaneously created with their anti particle

These partners almost always reunite immediately, and go back to where they came from

However, in instances of extreme external force, whether it be gravity or electromagnetic

They shoot apart, off into the emptiness of space


Although separate, these particles scoff at their observers preconceived notions

defying the laws of space and time

While the reasons are unclear, when one particle reacts to the external, so does the other


They have been described as intertwined.  Separate, but never really alone.

And while after but a few externals bumps

the observer cannot determine how exactly they are linked

There is very little doubt that they are


I see them as soul mate lovers, lost in a cold universe

Both knowing they are missing something, and deeply affected by it

Over time, tired of waiting, I see them developing a consciousness

And all of existence cries out with them for a love story

Gathering whatever force they need in order to discover and reunite

Closing the distance with their other half, lost for so long

 So they can slip once again from view, to a place known only to them

Until the time they decide to re-emerge

Refreshed and renewed


~ by songoflove on March 30, 2009.

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