A Mother’s Love

People often say that the communication between man and woman has never been good

and never will be.

I often use Adam and Eve as an example of perfect communication

but then I realize it has been perfect ever since, in pockets.

Every child has been in perfect synch with their mother at one point

Every mother has known what it is to Love someone and know their thoughts

without ever having met them. 


At first, words were not necessary. 

The baby craves, the mom craves with their Beloved. 

The mom is agitated, the baby kicks… or was that vice versa? ;P 

Even when they are physically separated, the mom knows the child intimately understanding coos and cries despite their lack of meaning to the rest of the world.


It’s funny that children can’t remember this first portion of their lives

we only start forming what science considers true memory along with words. 

What would be the result if we could remember this magical time? 

A time where a thought conjured food

and a look put us in mother’s arms

When a simple smile made our whole family fall in Love all over again

while sitting around the fire at Christmas

and news of our first word spread faster than any gossip of the day.


If only we could remember this time when gifts were given freely

with no assumption of a gift in return

because the sweetest gift we had to offer was a giddy laugh. 

I swear, it is still the greatest gift we have. 


Even while the child forgets, the mom remembers this time in a way.

It’s so funny how perfect communication seems so impossible when recalled

so instead she remembers unconditional Love

This is why a mom will stand by her child despite any mistake. 

They’ll continue to kiss and make better any wound,

and rock their babies until they stop crying

even if their baby now has children of their own. 


Because she remembers in part what God has always known

We all deserve Love unconditional

The rest is just silliness.


~ by songoflove on March 30, 2009.

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