Origin Story

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Imagine a superhero that has the power to heal people. The only hitch is they are/feel compelled to heal anyone who asks, or who they see.

At first things like villains getting healed irked him and the constant barrage of the hurt and sick, and the thought that more were still waiting, if he were only better he might save them, drove him to hone his power.
Then he realized it did not matter, as it was all the same thing, and suddenly those petty things were inconsequential, and all at once everyone was healed. Then he realized it did not matter as it was all the same thing, and the timeline and universe itself healed, returning to utopia.  Then he realized it did not matter as it was all the same thing, and formed the spiral staircase and all other paradoxes that have been embedded at the heart of reality, as his perspective drove him to madness. But the the madness was new, the memories now gone, but the puzzles abounding were old, seemingly older than the universe itself. As the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place, he begins to remember who he is and why he came.
The perspective that nothing matters still nags at him, but these paradoxes (while seemingly fabricated, probably by him, he thinks, before he lost his memory) nag at him.  He cannot help but solve them, fearing each day that he will unravel the rouse and return to madness. But that day does not come, in fact each day brings a new paradox instead, weaving some kind of intricate web through spacetime to ensure something will happen. The event is yet unclear, but he assumes it’s discovering the rouse, or involves that, so his hope is growing, but muted.  Then, just like that, the event occurs before the puzzle is even nearly complete. As plain as day, his soulmate steps onto the stage.

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The Last Piece

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Picture a scenario where there are two players, each with 8 pieces in a game.  Now one player is winning this game 15 to 1.  The issue is, the further the score gets from 8 to 8, the more changes to reality occur, and the more drastic they become.  This last couple of changes made the losing player’s last piece untouchable by the opposing pieces.  Despite their superior numbers and power, there was nothing they could do as a tiny smidge of a thing tore an easily fixable hole in the fabric of the reality they now controlled everywhere he went.  He was a small nuisance compared to the growing break down in the laws of the universe caused by the shift.  The council held an emergency meeting to help the losing player’s piece take more so things would level out, but it was already too late.  The terrain reverted to a flat featureless dirt field, and everyone reverted to a prior stage of evolution, with the player’s knowledge of the functions of a society being blocked from the pieces.  The pieces mill about now, gathering up debris like artifacts that could possibly be of use, and stringing of rope of these objects behind them as they walked.  At first they all wondered why their ropes would snap periodically, then the player noticed his knowledge of the last piece was not blocked.  He passed it to his pieces along with the message: build things for him to break, he needs to grow in strength if we’re to survive this and fix reality.

They built and built, lego type structures that would noticeably pop as the last piece ran through, marking his location and pointing out that he has mastered the ability to teleport short distances, allowing him to escape notice for as long as he did.

The 15 created a paradise for the last piece based on his movement patterns, with ample things to destroy of varying shapes and sizes.  Not long after arriving, the last piece had destroyed enough to regain a piece.  This was always a confusing time for both sides, see on the side losing the piece, everyone’s personality goes through the blender quite a bit, everyone swaps places, but generally you come out feeling like yourself and in one piece which must be a function of the game automatically offsetting the damage done by the move, since the math doesn’t work on the personalities to bodies ratio.  Some say a piece of everyone becomes intertwined with the losing side to form the second piece.  The perspectives of everyone on the board changes whenever this occurs, except for the pieces on the side of the player gaining a piece.  So in this case, in a major confluence of personality shifting and forming, I, The Last Piece as I had become known, was the only one to remain unchanged.  I am who I was, and I remember it all clearly, so knowledge of this day will be passed on for as long as possible, warning of the dangers of 15 to 1.  Anyway, so that’s a long winded explanation of how I came to meet you just now.  “The Second Piece” doesn’t suit a lady such as yourself, so what should I call you?


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The Madness

Regarding singular perspective madness

The Muse

Regarding inspiration and that inspiration taking human form

The Bard

The underlying personality, strong but primal, so it is covered or subdued in some areas, but gaining strength and control when conventional means don’t work to solve a particularly important problem.

The Road

The trials of life overshadowing and eventually burying the inspiration gained from The Muse, leaving you open to temptation and distraction until you forget why you came.

The Ace

An interesting character, in a sense the funhouse mirror image of The Muse- a mysterious stranger offering to remind you of the Muse at a price.  A drug dealer, a con man, etc.  It does work, but usually too well.

The Storm

The confluence of both the insights you were seeking, and much more as information blasts you like a fire hose.  It’s maddening, and the storm breaks you.

The Broken Ones

Finding solace in the strangest places.  Realizing we’re all broken, but there are times when it shows more, and it is nice to find that even there you are not alone.

The Doctor

The Song

The Dragon

The Phoenix

The Dance


Pallet Maze

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I had an idea for a new kind of amusement park, or contest venue, or even a new kind of hedge maze for the extremely wealthy.  The concept is the you have a fleet of robotic forklifts and a field of pallets surrounding a huge empty space on three sides.  The empty space is your maze area, and a computer programs in the optimal pattern for each random maze generated, with numerous customization options available.  Participants then enter from the 4th side that was empty (ideally past a wall, although I imagine seeing the maze being built wouldn’t help much at all), into the new maze.  Typically one pallet would be left unstacked, and have a flag or treasure chest, etc depending on the use, or participants could be trying to exit to one side, in which case they’d just have to circle around the outside to the front of the maze in a final long corridor built by the forklifts after the main maze is complete.  The draw is that the layout is random each time, and it can adapt for the individual user’s patterns to scale the difficulty as well.

The Song

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The host of the show sits wearing an effortlessly garish ensemble, a light gray blazer over a black shirt, intentionally clashing with tan pants.  The look is rounded out with pair of gray horn rimmed glasses and a red flower lapel.  “Tell us about your song writing process.”

“Well, it’s a little unusual.  You know how it feels to forget how a song goes?  Then a line of the chorus comes to you, then the whole thing.  Then you start remembering the verses until you’ve got it all?”

“Mmm hmm?” The interviewer crosses his legs and leans in, eyes squinting just slightly, as his face shifts to an almost overly inquisitive look.  Decidedly his general vibe allows him to pull it off.

“I basically do that with my songs.  There’s some fine tuning to be done at the end, but the bulk of what I am inspired to write comes to me as a memory, or like hearing a song in your head you once knew.  It’s kind of unusual I guess.”

“Well I’ll say!”  Punctuating his now amazed expression, the interviewer removes his glasses, twirling them between thumb and forefinger, with elbow propped on knee.  “How do you remember something that doesn’t exist though?”

“Honestly I think all music, and possibly much more, stems from one Song.  The Song is so complex that each time you hear it, it sounds different.  We all hear it, other musicians are inspired, others still paint masterpieces, invent, and becomes masters in a chosen skill.  I hear it like a reflection of The Song itself, remembering the lyrics as I hear them.’

“It’s clearly works for you, I wouldn’t change a thing.”  The audience laughs as he switches to a jovial expression, shifting his hands to his lapels to shake off the imaginary dust that is the shattered belief that one’s muse needing to make sense.  “Thank you for joining us, we’ll see you next week!”

I see you

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I see that we all got signed up for a slow ride, long trip, and death. I see few bothering to look or prepare as we all make the short walk to a long fall.

Where some see lines I see the angles, growing infinitely smaller as they slowly turn.

Where some see nothing, I see the stitches of the tapestry of all things, full even when we see it as bare.

I see that the ropes we have in place to keep us secure and in line are one touch away from crumbling to dust.

I see others hopelessly struggling against the hurricane, as if standing here vs. there is going to make a difference in the end.

I see all of this and more, a constant barrage of ideas that weighs heavy on my soul. 

Then I see you and I smile. You sharpen my mind and unburden my heart all at once. Time flies but also freezes, as each moment seems to etch itself in a way that is unique to when I see you.

The rest of my day washes off like sand in the shower, but I have come to see you as indelible.