Last Piece

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Then the puzzle ends
But something must be different
Right where it began

He began again
Knowing now where it all ends
Back down the same road

The U turn was real
She did not see him coming
Or so he had thought

Know your home and ground
It turns out when you set out
Know your home and ground

If this was a game
Set them up and knock them down
It was over now

Back into the deep
He knew early Spring cometh
Headlong and headstrong

The chicken crossed once
And came back with quite the tale
The chicken crossed once

He was not afraid
He saw Minoas do it
So he ran backwards




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Protected: Here and Now

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The Very Next Moment

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That’s when she realized she knew, and so did he, and so did everyone.  She could only think about one thing now.  But then he said to take her sweet time with it.  I hate waiting here without you, but I love watching you come back.

Time Crawls

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Do you have any idea how slowly time crawls when I am acutely aware of your presence, but cannot feel you here beside me?

Protected: The End

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To Dream

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Ah, the dream.  That mysterious world between life and death.  We all do it, it is as autonomic a function as breathing, but why?  To what end?  Never remembering the start, with usually far too few sweet and far too many sour ones leaving their mark.  For nearly everyone, dreams represent a mysterious stranger they’ve been travelling with their entire life, but don’t know.  Strangely, this is an all too fitting description for life as well (at least as far as we know until death).  I know God works in my dreams, but I am uncertain if this is true for all.  I would like to think my experience is shared, in that we all once dreamed of our soulmate, and that for those that don’t remember, it is buried somewhere below the lim line, separating night from day.  I can’t help but feel that as a dreamer myself, I should be able to assist in uncovering these memories in others.  So I realize that the radio I’ve had this entire time has been capable of reaching any station, but how I turn the dial is up to me.  In this way we go through life, presented with options constantly, like a complex choose your own adventure book or role playing game.  Memory of the dream is contained within it, but sometimes things leak through to life, insights, fears, for me that one feeling you get when you know you’ve fallen in love.

More to come.